Volusia County
         Baptist Church
The Home Place
For now have I chosen and sanctified this house, that my name may be there for ever: and mine eyes and mine heart shall be there perpetually.
                                                          II Chronicles 7:16
The Church Choir
Music of Praise
The Home Place
The Siers and Greening Families
Becky Reynolds
"In The Cross Medley"
"The Sounds Of His Coming"
"Come And Dine"
"New Home In Glory"
"All Because Of
God's Great Grace"
"He Has Surely Born Our Sorrows
I Love You... What Calvary Says Written In Red Medley"
"There Is A Redeemer"
"I Don't Need To Understand
  I Just Need To Hold His Hand"
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2007Christmas Cantata

2008 Easter Cantata
2009 Easter Cantata
2010 Easter Cantata

2008 God and Country Day Cantata
2009 God and Country Day Cantata
Paul Pitts 2008 Easter Evening
Volume 1
Volume 2
Music Performed by Our Church Family
"I Know Who Jesus Is"
"He's Still Workin On Me"
"We're Part Of The Family"
"Broken And Spilled Out"
"Jesus Keep Me Near The Cross"
"My Quiet Time"

Barry and Meredyth 
The Greening Family
Mark  and Barry 
Mark and Hope 
Lindsey Reynolds
Ladies Trio
Mary Sarah Johnson
"What A Wonderful Place"
"You Are The Christ"
Ladies Choir
Cindy Goembel
"If My People Will Humble Themselves"
"Triumphantly The Church Will Rise"
"He's Ever Interceding"
"Be Strong In The Lord"
"Jesus Is Coming Soon"
Ginny Hartman
"The Next Time He Comes"
"Until Then"
Ellen Gibilisco
Bob Leatherwood
"Come With Me"
"God On The Mountain"
"I Have Returned"
"I Am"
"I Am Satisfied"
Ken Goguen
"It Is Finished"
The music you hear initially is the choir singing "Since Jesus Came" which was performed July 27, 2008 under the direction of Assistant Pastor Barry Greening.

This song will play only once and then you can pick whatever selection you would like to hear.  If you just can't wait hit the ESC key on your keyboard and the song will stop.

Sit back, relax, and listen to our Church Family sing praises to our Lord and Savior.

"Sing Me A Song About Jesus"
The Church Orchestra
"I've Got Joy"
"O Holy Night"
"As The Deer"
"Even In The Valley God Is Good"
"We Are Not Alone"
"Shout To The Lord"
"How Long Has It Been"
"I Will Serve Thee"
"Embrace The Cross"
"I Bowed On My Knees"
"Hallelujah We Shall Rise"
Joyful Sound
"Hallelujah! We Shall Rise"
Hope Siers & Megan Truszkowski
"What A Day That Will Be"

"I Love You Lord"
"Ten Thousand Years"
"On Jordan's Stormy Banks"
"Higher On The Mountain"
The Wymans
"Written In Red"
"Victory is Won"
Beulah Land
Ingram Family
Special Music
Mironchenko Family
"I Have a Mansion"
"Master Of The Wind"
"Goodbye World, Goodbye"
"I Can Tell The World"
"Calvary's Love"
"The King And I"
"I Stand Redeemed"
"The Cross Medley"
"I Have Come By Way Of The Cross"
"Ring The Bells"
Charlie Barry
"I Should Have Been Crucified"
"Ye Shall Be Witnesses"